About CMG

Classic Motorcycle Garage is a private collection of modern classic motorcycles from the 70s, 80s and 90s and is located in Helsingborg (south Sweden). The collection mainly focuses on Kawasaki’s classic models, but also contains other brands such as e.g. Rickman, Bimota, Ducati, BMW, Honda and Suzuki. However, a clear demarcation in the collection is so far that it does not contain any two-strokes. Everything is based on a passion for motorcycles, which was founded at an early age and has since only developed further. The collection is constantly evolving. New beauties are bought and / or completely renovated to perfect original condition and some pearls are sold. However, with great care as to who may become the new owner. Rebuilding old fine classics into “scramblers” and “cafe racers” is something that is considered almost sacrilege. Original condition is always a strong endeavor and when renovating, as far as possible original or NOS parts are used. In principle, all items in the collection are for sale if the buyer and price is right. This is so that the collection will be constantly developed. In the “Gallery” you can see many of the bikes that are or have been in the collection and the whole thing is that this should be considered a good cultural deed by preserving these classics. Quite well preserved bikes have been carefully renovated here, but also complete renovations of “barn finds” which to the uninitiated appear as hopeless scrap heaps.

Classic Motorcycle Garage is not a professional business but is mostly run on a non-profit hobby basis. However, some services are offered that you will find under e.g. “Our Services”.

Do you want to sell a classic or maybe need parts for it or maybe just want to talk classics on a nerdy level, well then you are always welcome to contact us. (see under “contact”)