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Customs problems when importing parts and whole objects from countries outside the EU

(Observe. This is just relevant for import to Sweden)

Before Brexit, I/we did a lot of business with the UK. Parts, complete motorcycles and some important services but since Brexit hit, a number of different problems have arisen. Customs and import VAT have made the whole thing significantly more expensive, and most of the transport companies that carry out customs clearance on behalf of the customs authority seem to have very poor systems when it comes to handling cases. UPS and Fed Ex have a good grasp and then there is the whole scale down to our dear Postnord, which can almost be described as a disaster. They lose shipments and have processing times of sometimes several months. Several of the contacts, mainly in England, are in despair at how much turnover it has lost to countries within the EU.


After some time ago I had a veritable “battle” with Postnord, my paths were led to a both pleasant and knowledgeable handler at the Customs Office. When importing from countries outside the EU, there is now an interesting clause that can make life easier for those of us who are passionate about slightly more vintage-oriented vehicles. Below is a clip from the customs information material about a classification called HS-9705. We have tried using it on one occasion and after a number of trips back and forth with in this case DHL it actually worked. However, it generally seems that shipping companies are not particularly well-read in this area. Try and good luckā€¦

Spare parts

Motor vehicle parts and accessories are classified under HS heading 9705 provided they are original parts or accessories, are at least 30 years old and are no longer manufactured.

Also for motorcycles

The above requirements also apply in applicable parts to motorcycles. Strengthening actions In order to be able to assess whether the prerequisites are met, the information should be provided in the form of appropriate documentation such as reference books, non-fiction, photos, purchase documents, official vehicle documents or through statements from independently recognized experts.