In our gallery you find many classics and even some less classic bikes that are of interest and some of them have a really fascinating history, which you se if you scroll down a bit.

Some motorcycles have a more exciting history than others.

In the spring of 1994, Kawasaki’s ZX9R was presented, which was then a real killer. The Swedish magazine Super Bike together with the Swedish Kawasaki agent announced a competition where you could win a brand new ZX9R by answering a few questions and writing a justification why you should be the winner of that particular bike.

In the magazine’s February issue, there was a detailed test report and it was full of praise. Susanne Lindberg from Åsele in southern Lapland decided to fill in and send in a form and it was done…

Now things didn’t get any better than that it was Susanne who won the bike and she and her husband Ingvar had to go to the royal capital to receive the pearl. (in the report, however, an inaccuracy about Åsele crept in, but one can assume that the writer was from Stockholm….) The bike was a great joy and the couple cared for it tenderly, but after a moderate number of kilometers, it was put away and stood “dormant” for many years

In the spring of 2020, I get in touch with Ingvar, who lets me know that the treasure has been rested and that they are ready to sell it. Pictures were sent confirming the exceptionally good condition and this was of course hard to resist. A number of weeks later it was off 1200 kilometers north in the company of my dear wife. Ingvar welcomed us with open arms and it all ended with his nice and completely untouched Suzuki GSX 1100 E -82, which he has owned since new, also got a new home in southern sweden. The ZX9 has been very carefully refined and is today in mint condition and adorns its place.